The Capelet Series

Introducing the most perfect layering piece ever, the Capelet. Better yet, there’s four—one for every season.

The Evolution. How one perfect Capelet becamse four-it's about dressing for the weather. 2016 Original Caplet. Audrey's first love. Since this capelet launched in 2016, it has been our go-to. The open arms keep you cool even on warmer days.
2018 Long Sleeve Capelet. The weather cooled, but we couldn't live without our daily Caplet fix-so, we added sleeves!
2019 Long Sleeve Funnel Neck Capelet. Adding an elegant Funnel Neck to your favorite pieces gives us another reason to look forward to winter
2020 Funnel Neck Capelet. A hint og spring means it's time to ditch the sleeves... and keep the cozy funnel neck. This is the perfect in-between-the-seasons piece